Frequently asked questions


Are you RBC?

Yes, DRIVE is a part of RBC Ventures - a direct wholly-owned subsidiary of RBC aiming to go beyond banking and create products and services that solve problems and make lives better. You can find more about RBC Ventures here.


Does DRIVE cost anything?

DRIVE is a completely free service and that includes our service booking ability - any services booked through DRIVE will be the exact same price as those booked through dealerships directly. We just take the booking off your plate, freeing up your valuable time.


Will the service be more expensive if I use DRIVE to book it?

Not at all! Your service will be the exact same price whether you book through DRIVE or call your Dealership directly.


Can I sell my car on DRIVE?

Drive does a lot but we do not support buying or selling vehicles on the platform. Once you buy a new car though, don't forget to add it to DRIVE!


Can DRIVE pre-approve me for a loan?

We do not pre-approve or facilitate loans


Where do you get my car value info from?

The estimated car value comes from a partnership with Canadian Black Book - Canada’s leading car data aggregator. It takes into account your vehicle's year, make, model, and mileage to give an estimated trade-in value.


Why do you ask for my licence plate? How do you know my VIN? Isn’t this confidential information?

When you provide your licence plate, we match it back to your VIN which gives us information on your vehicle's year, make, model, and trim. Those four pieces of information and your VIN are the only things we have access to when you provide your plate number - there is no personal or confidential information included. Your VIN is used to provide accurate recall information while the rest of the information allows us to book services at your request and provide the estimated trade-in value of your vehicle.

If you are not comfortable providing your plate information, you can add your vehicle by year, make, and model but the information you receive will be much more limited which is why we recommend the licence plate addition.


Can I use the digital copy of my driver’s license as an official proof in case a police officer asks for it? What about insurance?

Soon! According to the current regulations, you are required to have originals of both driver’s licence and insurance slip with you at all times when driving. The government is currently reviewing whether they will allow a digital copy though!

However it is always a good idea to keep a digital copy of these in your Digital Glovebox on DRIVE as you never know when you will need it!


Are recall fixes free? There is a new recall for my car, why is it not coming up on DRIVE for me?

Yes, recalls are manufacturer’s defects and they are fixed for free at any official dealership.
We utilize the Transport Canada database to fetch new recall information, however there is sometimes a small delay on the recalls being uploaded.